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In the heart of Europe, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean and the Pannonia meets the Karst, lies SLOVENIA. Small green country covers an area of 20,273 km ². The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana. Slovenia has a population of two million, which are extremely hospitable, honest and hardworking. Neighboring countries are Italy on the west, Austria to the north, Hungary to the east and Croatia in the south. 

Junction of four major European geographical features are creating very dynamic surface, which is heavily overgrown with forests. More than a third of Slovenian surface is protected. In the north of the country, where the Alps ends, is the most mountainous area. The highest peak is Triglav (2,864 m).

More rounded tops of mountains Karavanke are bordering Austria. Large areas of eastern Slovenia, between Maribor and Ljubljana are hilly. Many hills in the south-eastern and eastern Slovenia are areas where the vine grows. Ljubljana and its surroundings lie in the largest valley. Slovenia also has a large flat area east of the country since it is already within the Pannonia valley. Slovenia has also a very dynamic underground. More than nine thousand caves are in the underground of Slovenia and some are the most beautiful in the world. Slovenian Adriatic coast is 46.6 km long.

Most of the Slovenian population lives in cities, but also the countryside is quite well populated. The agriculture and farming is engaged by only a small percentage of people, the majority of the population is employed in the service and industrial sectors. Slovenians as a nation is considered to be very active and willing people. Slovenians constantly want to make further progress. Many Slovenians, with their efforts as well as boldness had achieved success on a global scale. Very good example of the Slovenian athletes involved in extreme sports, from mountain climbing and extreme skiing to ultra-marathon cycling and swimming ventures.

Despite its small size, Slovenia can offer a lot to its visitors. With the variety and diversity of nature and tourist offer Slovenia will convince even the most demanding tourist. As evidenced, the tourist guide Lonely Planet ranked Slovenia in 2011 on 8. place of top destinations in the world.

Visit and Feel Slovenia.


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