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Our mission also involves the local community to make our farm function well – from the food, materials, arts and crafts to help in organisation and occasional extra staff – the family, relatives and other people from the village work in the House.

The culinary art
Flavours of the past today is the motto that will lead you through the local culinary legacy offered in the Special Sort of House.
The culinary experience of the House is built around the characteristic dishes of the Primorska region, which boast an extraordinary richness of variety - much like the surrounding landscape itself. In addition to the autochthonous nature of our delicacies, most of the ingredients originate from organic farms. This is why our offer changes with the seasons.
Our chef and his team of assistants have prepared a veritable journey across the flavours from local memory. All this is part of our goal – to keep a house of wellbeing in the practically untouched region of the Branica Valley.

The restaurant awaits you on all days of the week, except Tuesday and Wednesday, between 12 noon and 10 pm

Four star accommodation in 4 unique apartments and 3 rooms with a total capacity of 22 beds (2 of the apartments are also adapted to the needs of disabled persons).
All apartments, ranging in size between 65 m2 and 80 m2, are equipped with state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning (the entire house is powered through ecological and renewable resources), satellite TV, internet, telephone, 210 cm satin beds...

Wine cellar
The premises of our house also offer a small stone-vaulted room – wine cellar (called hram in Slovenian). It is at your disposal for the tasting of our home wines and the wines of featured winemakers. The flavour of the wine and a fragrant slice of home-made prosciutto will pleasantly merge with the enclosed space to present you with a truly enjoyable, undisturbed experience.

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