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PLANICA – the place of well-being


Planica represents a symbol of Slovenian sport, fortitude, natural beauty and

heritage of world renown. The valley at the slope of Mount Ponca has for

decades attracted numerous visitors there to witness the historical

development of ski jumping and ski flying. The most contemporary

Nordic Centre on the threshold of the Triglav National Park is a unique

complex that offers its visitor the ideal place to relax, do sports activities

and have fun.



Are you ready for the ride of a lifetime full of adrenaline? Go down the steepest Zipline in the

world and become the hero of Planica!

Even though the Planica ski jump has been so far intended solely for the best jumpers, it can now

represent a challenge for anyone who is brave enough to try it out. The adrenalin-packed jump down

the largest ski jump in the world is measuring up to 566 metres in length, enabling you to go as fast

85 km/h.



Do you miss winter? Would you like to go cross-country skiing but you can’t because of scorching

heat outside and winter is nowhere to be seen? If so, then the snow tunnel in Planica is the perfect

solution for you!

The new tunnel for cross-country skiing in Planica represents conditions for cross-country skiing in a

new light. From now on, snow cover and low temperatures are not a prerequisite for cross-country

skiing; 800 m of courses in three levels inside the tunnel enable us to recreate winter conditions even

when they are non-existent in nature. The tunnel is intended for all of you who dream of wintertime

during summer and would love to do a few laps on your skis. It is also possible to rent skis and




Book a guided tour of the most contemporary Nordic Centre in the world! You will be able to learn

about its history, take a closer look at the "Bloudek" Giant, flying hill of Gorišek brothers, junior and

youth ski jumps, courses for cross-country skiing, wind tunnel and get to see many other attractions

connected to the sport of ski jumping.


Did you know? Planica holds 42 world records in ski flying; we also witnessed the jumpers for the

first time exceed the distance of 100 and 200 metres in the valley of Mount Ponca.

Take the panoramic ride by a chairlift to the very top of the Planica ski jump and behold the

magnificent view of the Julian Alps!



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