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City Tolmin is natural, historical and cultural crossroads of the Soca valley, Baska grape and Idrija valley, and the center of the province, which takes its name Tolminsko.

It boasts a pleasant old town center, athletic stadium and quality sports facilities, a modern library and the Museum of Tolmin that caters to the rich archaeological, historical and ethnological museum collections. Tolmin is also one of the most important Iron Age sites in Europe. In the wider area of ??Tolmin you can find several important cultural monuments and a multitude of vestiges from the First World War. Here stands out the most beautiful monument from this period - The church of the Holy Spirit, located above the mountain Polog in the Tolminka valley, built by Austro-Hungarian soldiers, to honor their deceased comrades, and in 2006 it was placed on the list of European heritage. When we talk about Tolminu we can not ignore the famous Tolmin gorges, the lowest and the most southern point of entry into the Triglav National Park and at the same time the most important natural attractions of Tolmin municipality.

Tolmin also invites visitors with a vastly diverse range of recreational and tourist outdoor activities - mainly hiking and mountaineering, cycling, various water sports, paragliding and hang-gliding, fishing and much more. And let's not forget either the rich festival activities that take place here during the summer.

TIC Tolmin

TIC Tolmin

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Tourist information centre Tolmin

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