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Piran is a classical medieval Mediterranean town. With it's architecture and position on a little peninsula it gives a beautiful landscape. It's smallnes is it's speciality. Piran is still made almost only of old streets and buildings and is somehow isolated in it's antiquity. The town is free spirited combination of local people and tourist from the other parts v Slovenija, who are traditionally looking for relaxation in their enviroment. Piran doesn't have big tourist regulated beaches. Town's life goes casually with just a right distance from a rushing civilization and near enough to have it on your fingertips. Maze of small squares and seaside cafes which are offering an undisturbed look into the ifinity, over the everyday problems and not dislocated from them, are it's main treasures. Romantic spirit is present all the time. The nights in Piran have it's avanturistc charm; night life is living in the game of modern lights and all walls and is always offering a quick jump into near seaside places with beaches and bigger discos.

Aquarium Piran

Aquarium Piran

The Aquarium is located in the old harbour of Piran. All the rooms have been obtained in so called Villa Piranesi for more than forty years. In 2009, the Aquarium was renovated and got a new look with all needed modern equipment.

Hotel Piran

Hotel Piran

Hotel Piran is located directly on the beautiful coast and thus offers a magnificent view of the Pearl of the Mediterranean where you will be able to devote your time to discovering the rich and mysterious cultural heritage.

Restaurant Park

Restaurant Park

Okusna hrana v prijetnem ambientu pod krošnjami dreves v Piranu.

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